Dreaded words

September 29, 2010

Perhaps I should explain the name of the blog “I’d like something different”,  these can be dreaded words when someone calls in to start the process of getting a piece of jewellery made. I dread them for a few reasons, like, has the customer given any indication as to what they do or don’t like or how far-out do they want to go? And here’s a surprising one….. am I having a creative day? That can be a tricky one, obviously most days are fine, I only realise I’m not feeling it when I have very few idea’s to give to the customer. This is an incredibly frustrating feeling, a little bit like having a word at the tip of your tongue.
So, I was quite surprised when I started to think about what kind of ring I’d like for myself, and in my internal monologue I said those dreaded words, and I didn’t have a clue what I wanted. So I could make life very difficult for myself. I hope I won’t though, or I’ll have to have a little word with myself!

I did settle on the idea of having a cushion shape diamond as the main stone,this is a brilliant cut diamond, but in a soft square shape.

Here are 2 cushions that were sent to me during the week, 1.06ct and 1.27ct D/vs

Before diamond cutting was standardised diamonds used to be cut to make the most of the stone, so the shapes would be irregular, sometimes more round other times a bit more square. The old cut diamonds that are available are split into a number of groups, 2 being, Georgian and Victorian. The Georgians are the style that I prefer, they’re squarer and can be quite high and what I would call lumpy.

A few small Georgian cut diamonds.

A packet of lots of little georgians. The sparkle didn't translate into the picture, but believe me, they sparkled!

So, so far the idea is to have a main diamond, probably a cushion shape. I briefly looked into finding a large Georgian for the main stone, but they’re not easy to find in nice quality large stones, and when you do, they demand a high price. So I might be opting for a possibly controversial combination of stones, a large modern stone and smaller Georgians. Purists might say that they shouldn’t be put together, and maybe they’re right. But for now it’s an option and until I have worked some more on my design I wont be counting anything out!