It all happened quite slowly

February 11, 2011

The search for the perfect diamond finally came to an end x-mas week. Two beautiful diamonds arrived in the post, one of them, which one diamond supplier had been looking for, for weeks, ticked all the boxes, it was the right size, colour, clarity and shape. 1.20ct, F/SI1 cushion, and most importantly the price was right.

Then there was the second stone, slightly smaller, 1.01ct, but it was D colour, and VS1, and the same price. So what do you do?? And what did I do? I had a good hard look at both stones, and then realised that the 1ct stone was getting me very excited, and that was the feeling I had been waiting for, for all those months while stones came and went because they didn’t do it for me. This bad boy did.

The 2 cushion diamonds that arrived at the same time. The stone i chose is the one on the left. Click on the image if you'd like to have a closer look.

What having the 2 stones in front of me made me do was, follow my own advice. Time and again I tell customers to choose quality over quantity. For the briefest of periods I have to admit to being very torn, but then the more I looked at both of them, the more the D-colour stone was it. It’s a very hard feeling to describe, I got excited and very happy. So I took a few pictures and sent them on to my darling, just to keep him in the loop and up to date on everything. This was also pure necessity as he was stuck in Cork due to the bad weather which made travelling up and down everyday a bad idea.

Enough about the weather, lets talk about my stone again. The shape is another thing that swung it, it was just the right proportions. I had been swinging between a rectangular shape and a more square one, but I’m very pleased that I have ended up with a more rectangular diamond.

The Chosen One!

I was telling someone about my quest for a cushion and he asked me, why, if I didn’t know what i wanted was I so set on getting a cushion shape. That was a good question, and it made me think for a minute and then it bubbled to the surface again, the main reason being is that it most resembles an old cut stone and I love love the softness of the shape.

So I have my stone, now what to do with it???