The waiting game

October 9, 2010

Well not whole lot has happened this week on the fabulous ring front. I’m waiting for a phonecall or email from my stone guys. They travelled to India last monday and would be meeting up with a diamond guy at some stage, so fingers crossed they will come accross a beautiful cushion and make me a very happy lady!

If they don’t find a suitable stone then it’ll be a matter of hunting around some more. I’m not in a rush and i’m prepared to wait until the right stone comes my way, but I am getting very excited about it all, and i wouldn’t mind get cracking properly on the design.
I find it a lot easier to design with a stone in front of me. It gives me something real to work with. Although sometimes its nice to work freely and not have any constraints, and let the creativity flow. But seeing that i know sort of what i want already there’s no point in going all out. The other thing is too, is that I can get on with my day job and not be distracted by the fabulous ring. Would that be such a bad thing though???


2 Responses to “The waiting game”

  1. Erika Says:

    I can so imagina how difficult this is… As I’m single big time, but already thinking bout me weddingband.
    Keep on saying for years now… I want a platinum ring and a naturally green diamond in context cut 😉 ……….. or even better … a teal natural coloured diamond in that cut (or a look alike cut i like better….)

    So I need to find me rich guy….
    And a rare diamond piece that someone can cut for me,…….

    Wishes of a goldsmith eh!

    Very curiouse what the result will be with your ring in the end. It will be a nice one me thinks!

    • aoifetie Says:

      So you’re not very demanding so!!
      I actually had no idea of what I wanted till I had to start thinking about it.
      And if you do ever bag the rich fella i’ll be first in line to see your fabulous ring!

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